Best Philippine Destinations for the Travel Photographer

Save for the slum areas and the chaotic streets of Metro Manila, the Philippines is generally a highly photogenic country. Like a muse that stands out among her competition, she has beauty to unravel, and photographers are always on the lookout for another snapshot of her in her different angles.

From landscapes to seascapes and even vibrant local life, the Philippines continues to attract travel photographers around the world. Are you a light artist aka a photographer? Then take this list with you as you seek for a place where you can practice your craft, hone your skills, and love the Philippines even more.

Compare Flights to Batanes


Although it’s difficult to visit this enchanted and unspoiled place (hello expensive airfares and frequent storms), Batanes stands as one of the most photogenic places in the Philippines. Fields of green that can rival New Zealand pastures, old folks with their own version of an umbrella, and stone houses that are built to survive the harshest of storms, there’s simply a lot that your camera can capture.

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Aside from being a great place for team building activities and barkada outings, Anawangin Cove is a beautiful natural marvel that attracts aspiring and professional travel photographers alike. It looks much different than the usual Philippine beach, and so every photo taken of it is distinct and interesting. You won’t find it hard to look for subjects in this pine trees-laden cove that looks a lot like the forest where Edward Cullen and Bella Swan would meet.

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Sagada has something uniquely different to offer the travel photographer: culture and life. A small town with friendly smiles and busy street life, Sagada isn’t very difficult to decipher. It’s ironically warmly welcoming amidst the cold weather in this elevated place; locals are used to tourists and go about their day to day life, not minding photographers and new faces. As you take cave trips and mountain treks, make sure to chat up with a few locals, or take a morning stroll to take snapshots of the peaceful Sagada life. 


Call it cliché, but hands down Boracay is still the most beautiful beach in the world. It still is worth that Air Asia, PAL or Cebu Pacific trip. And although the famous White Beach is getting more and more crowded by the day, the shoreline, the fine white sand, and all the fun are still undeniably worth your shutter clicks and your memory card space. Just a note though: if you’re going to Boracay to shoot, make sure that you focus on that activity. With all the great party places and activity options in the island, you might forget about taking photos and just spend all your time partying and enjoying.


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