How to Chronicle a Travel

If you are one of the few people on the face of the Earth who want to document a whole trip down to the littlest detail, then this guide is for you. Read on to find out how you can do a better job at documenting moments and taking notes of your travel details.

Photos: Photos are your best bet when it comes to memory preservation. They give you an exact image of how you looked like when you rode that elephant in Thailand, and it has the ability to exude more drama and art than recording moments in your videocam (unless you edit all your clips into a five-minute video about your travel).

  • Synch the time of all your cameras. If you are traveling with other camera-donning buddies, have everybody adjust the time and date settings of their units so that they’re all uniform. This is so when you get their files after the trip, you can arrange all of them according to time, making it easy for you to look back at memories.
  • Talk with the locals. You will better appreciate a photo if you know the story behind the subject. For instance, taking a photo of the Mayon Volcano is passé, but if you talk with people who experienced its wrath a couple of times, you will see the perfectly shaped volcano in a whole new way. Take photos that have stories to tell by hearing the stories straight from the ones who know them well.

Expenses: If you’re a mom or a budget traveler, or maybe a blogger who wants to give ample information to your readers, you find it imperative to list all your travel expenses. But you don’t want to spend your tours with a tickler and a pen and questions such as “How much is that in peso?”

  • List your expenses only twice a day. You shouldn’t find it difficult to recall expenses for the past four hours. Do it during your lunch break, and also when you get back to the hotel.
  • Do it digitally. You will most likely be using your phone to browse the Web for maps and other important travel information. Use your phone’s notepad feature to list your expenses. This way you can easily export the information to your computer when you get home.

Places: Are you an art enthusiast or a history buff? Then you need to take note of all the places that you go to and all the sights you see during a trip.

  • Read and research prior to the trip. Before going to El Nido, read about the different islands that you will see, as well as the activities that you can do there. You can also refer to inflight magazines during your flight; domestic airlines such as Zest Air and Cebu Pacific include destination lists complete with tourist information.
  • Keep the brochures. A lot of times we take for granted the brochures that are handed out to us at the airport or during a tour. Don’t throw them away! You can use them for reference in case you can’t remember that museum that you visited on Day 1 of your trip. It’s best to refer to a brochure as you take a tour, circling names of tourist spots and taking down notes.

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