Around the World in a Week: An International Cuisine Trip in Metro Manila

I love Manila. Save for the horrible traffic and the need to keep my wallet and cell phone in my bag’s most secret pocket (Yes, my bag has a secret pocket. Try living in Manila and you’ll know why.), I love the life that Manila has given me. I can easily go to the mall because I think there’s one every kilometer, and more and more restaurants are being set up.

In fact, you can go on an international cuisine trip without booking a flight to any other country. Manila is home to excellent restaurants that feature cuisines from around the world. Take one of the many cheap flights to Manila and enjoy the best of the world in the following restaurants:

Mediterranean: Cyma

Logo from Cyma’s Facebook page

Just the mention of the restaurant makes me crave! Cyma is my Achilles’ heel; I immediately think of the rich flavors of the sauce and herbs that they place in their dishes. I’m still not dismissing the thought that the chefs and waiters purposely put an ingredient that turns one from a casual eater to a Cyma addict. For a Greek restaurant that isn’t in Greece, Cyma rocks!

Must-trys: The Saganaki (an appetizer made of cheese), Gyros (Greek shawarma in simple terms), Chicken Souvlaki (skewers with pita bread and yogurt dip)

American: Johnny Rockets

Logo from Johnny Rockets Philippine website

Large serving portions? Check! American diner restaurant design? Check! Milkshakes? Check! Dancing waiters and waitresses to the tune of retro American songs? Check! Unlimited fries? Check!

Johnny Rockets has everything you want in an American restaurant. After all, its branches in Manila are franchises from the US, which means that this diner is nothing short of true blue American. Just don’t expect some hearty healthy meals here. What you should expect are unapologetic large servings that are so tasteful you’d know it’s unhealthy but you would not give any care in the world.

Must-trys: Original Burger, French fries (unlimited!), milkshakes

Thai: Thai at Silk

Logo from Thai at Silk Facebook page

Although a lot of other new Thai restaurants are springing up around the Metro, Thai at Silk in Serendra is still my favorite. The ambience is classy, the waiters prompt, and the food always a hit and never a miss. Although the dishes are not uniquely different from common Thai food, the tastes are always a notch or more higher than other Thai restos in Manila.

Must-trys: Catfish salad, Pad Thai, Sticky rice with Mango

Italian: Gotti’s

Logo from Gotti’s Ristorante Facebook page

For a budget eater like me who frequents the mall a lot of times, Gotti’s is the perfect Italian restaurant. Although food critics would say otherwise, for my lifestyle of easy and breezy, Gotti’s suits me well. It serves tasty Italian food like pizza and pasta. What else would you want to eat in an Italian restaurant anyway?

Must-trys: Garlic Shrimp pasta, Quattro Formaggi pizza, Banana Nutella Crepe


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