How to Make Traveling a Profitable Business

Believe me when I say that I dreamed to travel and make money just by doing it. What more could you wish for? People work so they can travel, so traveling for work is 100 times cooler, with rainbows, unicorns and a U2 song playing in the background. Got any ideas on how to make traveling a business? I have some here; let’s exchange notes.

Travel Photography

Do you like taking photos during your travels? I mean, not just photos of you and your travel buddies, but artistically taken photographs that would be worthy to be placed in the National Geographic website. If you want to pursue travel photography, you need to create a portfolio. To create a portfolio, you need a professional SLR camera. To maximize your SLR camera, you need to learn how to use it. Start somewhere by reading up on basic photography articles. Take what you learn during your travels and be conscious about your purpose of taking good photographs. Soon you’ll have a solid collection of photos that can be your gateway to being a travel photographer.

Travel Agency

This one for those travellers who pay close attention to each and every detail of their trip. Running a tour company will always start with a love for travel, and for quality trips at that. Use your hardcore research skills to find connections in accommodations, transportation and tour guides, and create packages that will make it easy for clients to have the trip of their lives. How will you incorporate travel in running a tour company? Visit your satellite branches to check how your staff are doing. Dream big!


For people who love to write about their experiences, blogging is a great avenue to express themselves and also to make money. Although it takes a lot of time for a blog to earn a stable stream of income, it will always be worth it. After all. will your boss right now ever pay you for something that’s all about you and what you did during your last trip? If you have a travel blog, make it more attractive to sponsors and advertisers by including important trip details and writing comprehensive guides. And don’t forget the nice photos too!

Travel journalist

Let’s take blogging a notch higher. If you can write about waiting at the Cebu Airport and make it sound like a spiritual meditative activity, then you can be a travel writer. If you are an excellent writer, one that takes the craft seriously, one who always ends up discontented with his drafts and edits them until they’re perfection, then being a travel journalist is for you. Unlike a blogger who’s reliant on web traffic and other factors, being a travel journalist will only require you to be a super writer and nothing more. So if you want to be taken seriously as a travel writer, you also need to take the craft seriously. Practice like an athlete, read travel articles and subscribe to magazines so you always have that dose of inspiration. Soon, you will reap the benefits and earn money by travelling, experiencing things and telling your own version of the story.


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