A Unique Baguio Experience

Burnham Lake – one of the most popular attractions in Baguio

Say “Baguio” and immediately a collage of images enter the mind: Burnham Park, Strawberry fields, Camp John Hay and souvenir t-shirts. Will I go to Baguio for the same stuff? No, not anymore, although I’ll admit I’ve never gone horseback riding at Burnham Park, nor have I ever met the huge adorable St. Bernard that has charmed tourists and locals alike.

The point is, there must be something more than the usual sights and experiences in Baguio. Honestly, if you’d ask me, I’d skip Baguio if all I’ll have is a souvenir photo near the lion that welcomes me to the City of Pines.

Get my drift? So in my desire to go to Baguio (I don’t have to buy plane tickets to go there, I simply love the weather and it’s been ages since I visited), I took a tour around the Internet and found these activities that can make for a unique Baguio experience. Let me know of your thoughts in the comments section!


Day 1. A whole day at the BenCab Museum

Bencab Garden in Baguio

  • Check out the galleries. The Museum is four floors big, with every floor housing several galleries. Don’t rush in viewing the art pieces. Just let your mind take you from one piece to another. By the time you’re done, you might come out of the museum a renewed person.
  • Dine at Café Sabel. This in-museum café was named after BenCab’s famous muse called, you guessed it, Sabel. Here you can have a taste of recipes that BenCab himself created, as well as other house specialties that are uniquely BenCab. Take home native chocolates from the café and buy traditional Baguio pasalubongs made the BenCab way.
  • Go for an eco-trail hike. BenCab’s property isn’t limited to the Museum, but extends to a vast land of strawberry fields, plants and even authentic Ifugao houses transported to the area.

Day 2. Food trip!

Menu at Cafe by the Ruins

  • Have breakfast at Forest House. From being a multi-awarded restaurant before, Forest House has expanded to become a bed and breakfast place that offers the best breakfast view in the area. Wake up to cold and foggy Baguio in your pajamas and a cozy warm breakfast.
  • Have lunch at Café by the Ruins. This well-loved restaurant was about to close down when patrons expressed their love and encouraged the owners to continue running the Café. Find out what makes this place a favorite among both tourists and locals. Quick tip: Order their basil bread.
  • Have a private dinner care of Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente. For a minimum of six persons, you can have a special Baguio dinner served by sought-after chef Vicky Tinio Clemente. It’s definitely a splurge, but it is a great way to end a cold day around Baguio. Chef changes her menu often, so come with no other expectation but to be filled with yum!

Day 3. More educational trips

Huts in Tam-awan Village

  • Visit Kidlat Tahimik’s house and jam with local artists. If the BenCab Museum offered an experience for the mind, going to Kidlat Tahimik’s abode will give you an experience of the soul. Meet his son Kawayan de Guia and other Baguio artists and have soulful conversations about life and arts.

Visit the Tam-awan Village. Another haven for artists, the Tam-awan village is a place where one can walk along interesting rows of Ifugao and Kalinga huts as he learns of Baguio culture and arts.


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