Music to Inspire the Traveler in You

We’re on a roll with inspiration, aren’t we? 😉

Music is one of the widely understood languages of the world. What better language to associate to traveling around the planet than music, and the good kind at that? If you’ve been lacking in inspiration, there’s nothing like good music to rev up your travel mood and get you booking your next flight. Want some suggestions? Here are some surefire music tracks and genres to encourage you:

  • Walkin’ on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves). Perfect for road trips and even while you clean your car for it, this happy and feel-good track will lift up your mood and will make you realize that you shouldn’t be just watching TV; you should be out on the sun! 
  • One Love (Bob Marley). One of Marley’s anthemic songs, One Love talks about unity and togetherness, things that you experience while you travel with your buddies and interact with different people. Besides, you can’t ever go wrong with reggae!
  • Beautiful Day (U2). Rock music that sends blood rushing to your head? Check! Perfect lyrics that match a great day in a foreign land? Check! One of the best bands in the world? Check! Oh, throw in their other song “The Sweetest Thing” if you’re traveling with your love too!
  • Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Coldplay). You’d think that Coldplay tracks will make you want to curl up in bed and drink hot cocoa while the rain pours down outside. But no, Coldplay has a few good tracks fit for a fun day of traveling. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall is an example of such track, and is the perfect background music for a video collage of all the clips of you in your travels.
  • Life is a Highway (Rascal Flatts). There is something uplifting about country music. The lyrics plus the upbeat, easy-to-sing-along-to tunes make for a perfect song for driving down the, well, the highway! If you want more feel good country music in your travel inspiration playlist, throw in some Taylor Swift! She’s not famous for nothing; her songs are quite singable and perfect for singing your lungs out with your friends.
  • Come Away with Me (Norah Jones). You may argue that this is too honeymoon-y for a backpacking trip, but believe me when I say that at one point or another in your travel, you’d need to reflect on love and be all sentimental about it. It may be while you wait for your Cathay Pacific flight, or as you ride the train across Europe. After all, you’re traveling! You’re free to unleash all your feelings that are otherwise ignored on regular working days.

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