What to Include in a Travel Itinerary

Be prepared and enjoy the most out of your travel.
Image courtesy of Plant Migration Zine

Traveling is two parts fun and one part serious. It’s not all about just going places and eating delish food. Before you step out of the plane and into your posh hotel, you first need to plan your itinerary. A well-planned itinerary is the key to having an enjoyable trip that you will remember for the great things you enjoyed instead for the hassles you encountered.

But where to start and how? Here’s a list of the things that you should include in your itinerary:

  • Contact numbers: of all services you will avail of, from cars to airlines to tour companies
  • Restaurants and sights: that you want to check out, based on your research and the recommendations of your friends and family.
  • Guidelines: on baggage allowance (so that you won’t be charged for excess baggage, take note that a promo fare flight might not have any provision for check-in baggage), immigration and other airport rules.
  • A checklist: of all the medicines that you need to bring, as well as other things that you need to ensure you will be in top shape during your trip.
  • Addresses and directions: of and to important facilities such as hospitals and police stations, as well as of your local embassy in case any emergency occurs.
  • Addresses and contact numbers: of important facilities at home, such as government agencies and the contact numbers of your family and friends.
  • Your tour schedule: and the contact number and email address of the tour company that you availed from. Also print copies of your transaction receipts as proofs of the down payments that you already made beforehand.
  • Maps: especially if you are going on a backpacking trip without any tour guide! Also toss in some guidebooks such as Lonely Planet and smartphone apps.
  • A priority list: of the things that you target to do during your trip. You might miss out on some must-do’s and must-sees if you get carried away in the natural flow of your tour.
  • Your important details: aside from the actual documents such as your passport and other IDs. Take note of your identification numbers and save it in your smartphone.
  • A set budget: for all the expenses that you will incur, especially if you target to buy expensive items such as gadgets (in Hong Kong, for instance), and a large wad of souvenirs (in case you promised your whole office t shirts).

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