The Most Breathtaking Views in Asia

The thing is, Asia is huge. In fact, if you would remember your grade school History or Geography class, you would know that Asia is the biggest continent in the world. Of course, us mortals might not afford to roam around the whole continent in our lifetime. I mean, there’s still Europe and North America and Africa to travel to!

But if you’re skipping some Asian destinations, make sure that they are not any of the following. These ones below are the must-sees bucket list worthy views.

  • The Taj Mahal in India. Nothing in the world says “I love you” better than the Taj Mahal. Not only is it symbolic of unending love, it’s also pretty rad! In fact friends tell me that seeing it for the first time in real life brings a tear to their eye. It’s that beautiful. Bring your Moleskine along as you marvel at its beauty; you just might get an idea for a song.
Saying “I love you” in so many ways
  • The Great Wall of China. It’s not called the Great Wall for nothing! Spanning a total of 8,850 kilometers, this manmade wonder has piqued the curiosity of many, and has also been the subject of debates and myths, the most famous one being that it can be seen from the moon. The fact is, it’s not visible from outer space. Another fact, you won’t be able to walk its whole length. You should have realized that sooner.
A wall that spans several Chinese municipalities
  • Mt. Everest in Nepal. It’s the highest peak in the world, for crying out loud! That fact should be more than enough to convince you to see it in person. You don’t have to climb it (you need a lifetime of training and another one to actually climb it), but you can see its grandeur and beauty from a certain vantage point.
You’re literally on top of the world here.
  • Plain of Temples in Myanmar. Although not as popular as the three views mentioned above, Plain of Temples is a sight to behold. Make sure to bring a camera and a mind ready for the information and the sights that you would have to take in during your tour. The area shows what was once a vast land filled with pagodas. It is well worth to get to know the stories behind the different temples.

Tell me your story…

Asia has a different charm. From Manila to Bangkok and to China, its countries have identities and cultures far from each other, its landscapes very different in faces and appeal. This is what makes Asia a continent worth exploring.


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