The Ten Beach Vacation Essentials

After three days of continuous rain, I finally see the sun shining outside my window. Makes me want to pack my stuff and head to the beach. But of course I won’t do that, as mere mortals like me do not have the power to simply book a flight (it’s expensive to fly today) and cancel all the work I have to do for the next couple of days.

Lucky for me though, I can book a trip to the beach as early as now, and as affordable as I can imagine. The catch, however, is that I won’t have any baggage allowance. This means that I can only bring a duffle bag with all the stuff I would need. Allow me to present to you the ten things that I bring to any and all of my beach trips, things that are essential, easy to pack, and really cool.

A reliable camera to capture your beach moments

  1. A good camera: For me, it’s the lowest Canon EOS model, the 1100D. I bring an 18-55mm lens, as well as a 50mm for portraits. Sure it’s a bit bulky, but the beach deserves good lenses and excellent documentation.

I just love my bikinis.

  1. Two reliable pieces of swimwear. I make sure I bring two that are completely different in color and design, just so I won’t be bored at how I look.

Image from Victoria’s Secret

  1. Light cover-ups. I usually bring just one dress that doesn’t wrinkle, a pair of board shorts, and a loose tank top. I just mix and match based on my mood.

Protect your skin.

  1. Sunblock, insect repellant. My current favorite is the spray type of sunblock. The higher protection, the better. I also bring insect repellant for nights when I just want to lay on the beach under the stars and with mosquitoes flying around.

Who says you can’t be in two places at the same time?

  1. A book. All my beach trips are associated with a certain book. In this day and age that I seldom get the chance to just be still with a book, I make sure that I carry a paperback (so that it’s lightweight) to the beach.

Good vibes.

  1. A soundtrack. Just like a book, a playlist of great vacation songs is a must for me. Somehow, a certain set of songs give my beach trip its own identity, making it very different from the previous ones. My two Boracay trips, for instance, are far off from each other just because each has a different mood, thanks to the songs that I brought. If I’d recommend anything though, it’s got to be “All Night Long” by Jason Mraz. 😉

  1. A nice pair of sunglasses. Nice means it gives your eyes the protection it needs, it doesn’t give you a headache, and it makes you look cool and pretty.

Tip-top shape even on holidays.

  1. Necessary medicines. I’m prone to migraines, especially if I spend a long time under the sun (ergo, sunglasses), so I make sure I have at least five tablets of mefenamic acid.

Something to keep you warm.

  1. A small and light blanket. For laying under the sun, for walking under the sun, as a cover-up when I’m in my swimsuit, to keep warm in the plane (no domestic flight, whether Zest Air or PAL, offer blankets for passengers who need them), inside a van, on the beach during nighttime.

Lock it up.

  1. Plastic bags. When it’s time to leave and your swim pieces are still dripping wet, just dump them in a plastic bag and zip up your luggage.

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