How to Create a Practical Itinerary

Maximize your travel enjoyment with careful planning

Maximized travel: this is the main reason why you should create a practical itinerary. Of course the word practical is subjective; what’s practical for you might be too grand or too killjoy for me. But I’m treading the safe and sweet spot among most travellers, and this is the type of travel that packs the most number of activities with the lowest cash out without compromising comfort and convenience.

Such a kind of trip is unachievable without the right itinerary planned way ahead and in a significant amount of time. Here are some tips:

  • Start by booking a cheap flight. This is practical! Cheap flights are usually for off-peak dates, which means that you will most likely be staying in a hotel with off-peak rates, and you will be travelling in a place without much tourists. Stay tuned by monitoring travel search sites so you can grab the lowest Manila to Hong Kong flight for the year.
  • Pack light. You don’t want to lug heavy bags with clothes and contents that you won’t use during your trip. Decide on your outfits and group them accordingly, so that come travel time, you won’t take a long time in dressing up; you’d just grab one set from your backpack.
  • Know where to go. If you are travelling with a group, ask them about what they want to see and where they want to go. This eliminates the need to edit and revise your itinerary as you tour your destination.
  • Go from one place to another strategically. Consider factors such as the distances between destinations, as well as the activities you plan to do. Maximize your travel time by calculating the distances between the different spots you want to check out. You may also group all swimming-related activities in a day.
  • Be realistic. Though it may be easy to group all historical tours in one go, you might get saturated with all the information that you will get. That’s boring, and can take the number one spot in your list of worst trips ever.
  • Consider local events. If you want to take a trip to Boracay on the day of the Ati-atihan Festival, expect tons of people in the airport, and some traffic on your way to Caticlan if you’re coming from Kalibo. Other travelers would appreciate the wonderful coincidence and would celebrate the festival with the locals, but some just would not have any of the crowd and the influx of tourists. Best to be prepared.
  • Bring copies of your itinerary, complete with details, maps and directions. Don’t trust that Internet will always be available for your queries and needs. Have a copy of your itinerary in your phone, pad or laptop (or in all of the above), with details such as addresses, phone numbers and directions on how to get to each and every destination of your choice. It doesn’t get any more practical than that.

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