Five Architectural Victories to Check out when in Europe

Here in the Philippines, we’re proud of all the natural wonders across all the 7,107 islands that we have. I personally believe that no beach matches Boracay, Bohol, El Nido and other yet-to-be-commercialized shores. But traveling isn’t all about seeing Mother Nature’s creations; it’s also about showing some love to the power of the human hands.

Much of the tourist spots in Europe are such marvels – buildings and structures that stand tall and proud as testaments to man’s boundless abilities. And while no one will ever go against the truth that natural wonders will always trump wee man-made concretes, it still is awesome to see huge structures and long-lasting buildings that amn made using his hands (and some machines and other tools). And because you can now get cheap airfare to Europe, it might not be long till you get to use this cheat sheet of the places you should check out in the continent that celebrates Nature’s greatest creation: humans.

Duomo di Milano

Image courtesy of Duomo Milano website

An arresting white cathedral with details that resemble a royalty’s crown, the Duomo di Milano is a fitting symbol of Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. It was created meticulously, like a couture gown created for the biggest socialite in town.

The Atomium

A memory of the past looking into the future

If the Duomo di Milan was created in the 14th century, the Atomium in Belgium is something that is relatively newer than other famous structures. Built only in 1958, it’s something that geeks will enjoy more than history buffs will. Why? It’s basically the shape of an iron crystal, but 165 billion times larger that the real thing. Go to the top of the structure for a stunning view of Brussels, and descend again to comprehend how in the world it symbolizes faith in humanity.

The Parthenon Tower 

For the love of Zeus

Standing tall in Athens, Greece, the Parthenon Tower was built around 400 BC. Now if you think about how long a time that was, you’d be amazed. That’s where democracy was born, for the love of Zeus! Check it out!

The Colosseum 

Get ready to scream “Sparta!!”

Wouldn’t it be epic to see the place where gladiators once rocked it out? Although you wouldn’t see the Colosseum in all its glory (it’s super old; what gladiators did back then are now considered strictly barbaric), you can still expect to feel a chill down your spine. Just rely on your imagination for all the action that happened right smack in the middle of it, as well as 50,000 people cheering and jeering for the gladiators. Better yet, watch the movie Gladiator. That would set you in the mood.

The Eiffel Tower

Fall in love over and over

Perhaps the most photographed tower in the world, the Eiffel Tower is Paris’ and France’s icon. It is more than 300 meters tall, very difficult to miss and too arresting to skip taking a photo of.


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