Where to Learn Capoeira in Manila

I have been asked once or twice about what sport I enjoy. Unfortunately, my answers are always versions of the statement “None, but I would love to try <insert popular sport here>.” But one of my frustrations is capoeira, the Brazilian martial arts that has a rich history and an even richer style. Music plus songs and dance-like yet killer moves make capoeira the coolest thing since The Power Rangers. I don’t even know how to cartwheel, and these guys are doing all sorts of tumbles and spins! If, like me, you’d like to try some capoeira, here’s a list of classes you can attend around Metro Manila.

Sinha Bahia de Capoeira

Click on the image to get more info.

With classes in various gyms such as Club Six Fifty ad Gold’s Gym, Sinha Bahia de Capoeira exists not only to get people to pay for classes, but to encourage everybody to check out the sport and appreciate it. In fact, just a couple of months ago, they held a free capoeira workshop at the Shangri La Plaza Mall! Classes are offered for beginners, as well as for advanced students.

Escola de Brasiliera Capoeira

Click on the image to get more info.

Just watching a video of a capoeira event at Bonifacio High Street organized by Escola de Brasiliera Capoeira already got me energized. I love the songs, and how a kid can go up against a tall adult. Of course everything is in the name of fun, and Escola can give you your regular dose of Capoeira fun. They have classes at the Manila Polo Club, the Ateneo de Manila University campus and other key locations. By the way, you can also listen to some music that are played and sung during classes, right on their website!

Capoeira Angola

Just like any art form, capoeira has gone through different changes. Capoeira Angola is like a genre that preserves the sport in its form before the Regional style of performing became popular. Enthusiasts will definitely appreciate this refined version of the sport by dropping by at the Magdalena Park Community Hall in Magallanes Village, Makati.

This is one of the best things about Manila. You can experience everything and anything you’d like. Sure, the travel can become much of a hassle, but for less than P100 and in less than an hour, you can be from Manila to Brazil, experiencing the most exhilarating sport you have ever tried in your life. So while you wait for the next seat sale for your next great getaway and before you take off from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, spend some time here in Manila!


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