What to Bring Home from a Trip to Thailand

Catfish salad and a good pad thai noodle dish straight from Bangkok. However, eating the best Thai food is an experience meant to be enjoyed in Thailand, not as pasalubong. For one, you might get cold and soggy pad thai and yucky catfish salad if you try to ship them to the Philippines. Also, you might even be allowed to take them inside the plane, whether you’re flying via Cathay Pacific or via Cebu Pacific.

So choose non-perishables instead – items which are really meant for you to bring home to your friends and family. It’s a guarantee you’d enjoy shopping in this country, as items and even services are relatively cheaper than in the Philippines.

Just take note that most items are a bit mommy-ish, so get creative in choosing the pasalubong items that your dad or your kid brother would like. When all else fails, there are keychains and shirts all around the country.

  • Thai Silk. Hand wash only, with lukewarm water, non-acidic detergent, and no wringing please. Thai silk is best given to your fashionista girlfriend who knows that it is a big deal to follow all care instructions in each piece of clothing that she wears.

Thai silk for that friend in the office

  • Ready to wear clothes. A lot of online sellers get their supplies from Bangkok because of the cheap prices and the huge selection of designs and makes. For P1,000, you can buy more than ten pieces of clothes. Even the cheapest brand in the mall can’t beat that!

Cheap thrills

  • Handicrafts. For your workmates, take home things that reflect the Thai culture, such as miniature Thai dancers in special garb, and incense boxes. They might not find so much good use for them, but these are the things that scream “Thailand”. And hey, at least you got them something!

Truly Thai.

  • Ceramics. These are for your mom who loves to collect dinnerware and display them in glass cabinets in your kitchen. You might never experience eating off the beautiful Thai plates and teacups, but the point is that you made your mom happy for a low-priced dinner set.

For mom

  • Furniture. Don’t come home without anything for your dad who loves to collect souvenir items big and small. Although you will most likely have to pay for excess baggage, your dad’s faint smile will make it all worth it. Buy from One Tambon One Product in Bangkok to make sure that you get the genuine article, the high quality item fit for the king in your life – Daddy.

Passed Dad’s love for all things intricate.


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