Travel Magazines to Check out

Aside from Facebook and the rest of the interwebs, where else do you look when you want some travel inspiration and information? I suggest magazines.

I love magazines, and you would too. There’s nothing like flipping the pages of a thick magazine filled with photos, trivia and tips; it’s like going through a trip yourself. The Internet simply cannot give that feeling of anticipation.

Also, magazines are well researched, super edited and excellently laid out for you. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t pay for them would you? So you pay for something and you really get what you pay for. With the Internet, you don’t pay so you also do not expect much.

I’m not saying that you wouldn’t find helpful information in the Internet, because you can. But reading a magazine gives a unique feeling that excites the traveler in you and makes you want to book a flight even if you’re only halfway through it.

Here are some international and local publications to check out:

International Titles

The reason why I was addicted to travel.

  • National Geographic. I remember flipping through the pages of National Geographic when I was a kid. The photos were superb, the information very well presented. (My eight-year old self could understand the text easily.) Even if you get back issues, the effect would still be the same – you’d ask yourself why you still haven’t made new travel plans.

  • National Geographic Traveler. While National Geographic presents places and the culture in them, there isn’t much information you can use for travel planning. Enter National Geographic Travel, the magazine that is as rich as the NatGeo magazine in terms of photos, culture and facts, but is also robust with travel tips and helpful information. Great for backpackers, the magazine packs loads of tips and insights you can use for that DIY trip to the exotic country you’ve been eyeing.

  • Travel and Leisure. Hailed as the world’s best magazine for travel, Travel and Leisure give a glimpse of the high life traveling. Whether you plan on taking the expensive route on your next travel or you just like some inspiration for your someday dreams, Travel and Leisure is definitely worth picking up.

Local Titles

  • Travelife. Travel plus lifestyle equals Travelife magazine. Like the international publication Travel and Leisure, Travelife delves into luxurious escapes that you can take abroad and also in the Philippines. The magazine also features business personalities such as ambassador and CEOs, and their philosophies in traveling. Yes, they have philosophies in traveling. Get inspired, get your copy now.

  • Juan Philippines. If you want straight to the point articles about the must-see places in the Philippines, check out Juan Philippines. It features destinations in each episode, with an extensive guide on what to do, where to eat and what to see.

  • Asian Traveler. A Philippine-based travel magazine that features destinations around the world, Asian Traveler gives a more relatable perspective since the contributors is fellow Filipinos. For instance, you’d most likely agree with their food reviews, since the writers have the same taste as you do.

Of course almost all airlines have inflight magazines, such as Cathay Pacific’s Discovery and Cebu Pacific’s Smile. But you won’t be able to read them unless you board their plane right? And you won’t board that plane unless you get inspired to travel, right? So yeah, get a travel magazine and get inspired today!


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