Best Travel Apps

Gone are the days when you have to guess the meaning of the word you just heard from the bus driver, and the times when you had no idea which airlines fly to the destination of your choice. Here we list the best apps that you can use whenever you plan to travel, when you’re about to travel, and when you’re actually already traveling.

Planning a Trip


Skyscanner mobile app

  • Skyscanner. Search for flights to your preferred location, on your preferred dates, based on your preferred time or airline. You can also use it for a random check-out of any place during the day when you are most free to travel. Hhmm… Where to go on October 30? Just key in the place where you will be flying from and the dates you prefer to fly, and voila! Skyscanner will gladly sort flights to any country based on any of your preference. Want to fly via Tiger Airways? Just sort the options by airline!

XE Currency gives you an idea how much money you will need for that dream vacay.

  • XE Currency. As you plan your trip, you would need to set our budget. XE Currency easily lets you convert money values so you can set your budget right, or cross out a country that is too expensive for you.

About to Travel

Get to know Rome at your fingertips.

  • Lonely Planet. Instead of bringing your thick Lonely Planet guidebook, just buy one from the App Store or from Google Play. Get the guide you need for your country of choice. Going to the US? Which state? Which city? Lonely Planet has an app for that city!

Get the most affordable accommodations even if you’re on the go.

  • Airbnb. With an extensive list of affordable accommodations around the globe, Airbnb lets you choose the best inn or hostel for your next trip around Southeast Asia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. You can check out reviews posted by other travelers, and even contact the accommodation without leaving the app.

During Travel

Don’t speak chinese? No problem!

  • Google Translate. Although it is not exactly fool proof, Google Translate does a great job at helping you understand the language in a foreign country. Just key in the phrase that you can’t understand, and immediately see what it means. You can also use it to translate from your native language to that spoken in your destination. Very useful for when you need to ask “Where is the nearest restroom?”

Memories of your trip stored and shared.

  • Trip Journal. Whether you’re a blogger or just a plain traveler, you need to somehow store your memories. You can use them for future reference, or for creating that scrapbook! Trip Journal is an award-winning app that lets you tag on a map the places that you went to, or geo-tag your videos and photos. There’s also an option that lets you export photos to Facebook, letting friends and family know where you already are and what you’re doing as you travel.

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