Eco-friendly Traveling Tips

Caring for Mother Earth has direct benefits to us.

Travel is the fastest growing industry today. The world is getting smaller, and adventures more within our reach. But with this progress comes a problem, nay, a challenge, that has something to do with our footsteps and the other things that we leave in a place – trash. How can you help the earth as you travel? Here are some tips.

  • Book a green hotel. Not a hotel that is literally green in color, silly. Green means that they have initiatives to take care of the planet, such as giving you the option to not change your blankets every day, using recycled water for flushing, and creating a ventilation system that maximizes natural air.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle. Now take note that the disposable water bottle isn’t recommended for reuse because of contaminants that may be hazardous to your health. But instead of buying bottles of water on the go, just bring a tumbler with you and refill it every time you get a chance.
  • If you must use batteries, use rechargeable ones. Less waste, and less expenses on your end too. Although rechargeable batteries are more expensive than disposable ones, they are more efficient and cheaper in the long run. You should’ve figured that one out a long time ago.
  • Enjoy dining in restaurants. I’m saying that because take-outs entail more containers, more paper, more plastic, more waste. Plus, it would really be boring to enjoy a nice Thai meal inside your hotel room watching cable TV. Eat it on the street, where all the action is!
  • Refuse the bag. While shopping, you would most likely stop by different shops, which will ultimately result to multiple paper and plastic bags. Why not take the first paper bag, and then use it all throughout your whole shopping trip! It is best if you can just use a large bag that you brought from home. It can even be sturdier than a plastic bag or a paper bag from a store.
  • Do not buy byproducts of endangered species. Doing so will only fuel the cruel acts which all the more place animals in danger. Be informed of these facts before you land on your destination.
  • Use public transportation. Renting a car will significantly increase the carbon emission in the area, plus taking the train or the bus gives you a more local vibe of the place. Riding a bus is more fuel-efficient than flying, but it can sometimes be impractical, especially if we’re taking about cheap flights to Boracay. But you know what’s best? Walking. This is perhaps the most eco-friendly way to travel.
  • Encourage everybody to do the same. If not for other people, I wouldn’t be aware of the need to be eco-friendly. Do these earth-friendly travel tips and share them to your friends and family.

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