Five Reasons to Travel to Tagaytay


You might have gone to Tagaytay a number of times, but have you really explored the area for all its worth? Aside from the usual route that includes horseback riding at Picnic Grove and having your photo taken with the Taal Volcano as backdrop, there are activities, places and things that make Tagaytay an irresistible destination. Here is the top five.


A lot of people will say that Antonio’s is the best restaurant in the Philippines. Most would agree, and the few who will doubt probably haven’t eaten in this gem of a restaurant yet. In fact, Antonio’s recently earned a spot in Asia’s top 20 restaurants! The food and the experience are expensive, but wouldn’t you want to find out what the fuss is all about? The long drive and the required reservation are all worth the steak. Yes, the steak is delish.

Boutique hotels

Tagaytay perhaps has the most number of boutique hotels in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a honeymoon place that is outside Metro Manila but not so far from the city, take your pick from the nicest boutique hotels in Tagaytay. Some of the favorites include The Boutique, T House, 8 Suites and Lee Boutique Hotel.

Fresh produce

The streets to and from Tagaytay are lined with stalls of fruits and vegetables. Never leave Tagaytay without buying a kilo or two of your favorite fruit! The prices are reasonable, and it’s nice to have fruits to munch on while on your way back to Manila.

 Accessibility + Cold Weather

Where else can you go to escape the hot Manila weather without spending so much time on the road and money on plane tickets? Tagaytay! If you can, invest in a vacation house here; it’s lovely. It is a short drive away from the metro (around an hour and a half if you don’t encounter traffic), and when you get there, you’d feel like you’re really someplace special. The chilly weather should be more than enough to make you feel that your trip is more than worth it.

The Taal Volcano

Admit it. Everytime you go to Tagaytay, you still eagerly look out the window of your car and hope for a nice view of the Taal Volcano. There’s this kid in all of us that just wants to take a long and hard look at that small volcano. But did you know that the famous Taal Volcano we always see in photos is only a caldera and not the real volcano? The crater is much bigger, and is hidden in the mountainous island you see behind the iconic caldera. Now you know!