Three Hole in the Wall Restaurants in Manila

We know the road in Manila is almost always hellish, whether you take the wide open streets or the side roads. Yet here we are talking about hole in the wall restaurants that will test your patience in driving and in parking. We promise they are all worth your gas. Or, you know, just commute! If you’re coming from the provinces, take a Cebu Pacfic or PAL flight to get here fast! Here are my top five hole in the wall Manila restaurants.

Galileo Enoteca

Logo courtesy of Galileo Enoteca Facebook page

This gem of an Italian restaurant is true to the term “hole in the wall”. It is located in a semi-residential area in Mandaluyong, where tricycles and private cars pass. This is where I first had a taste of cold cuts, and instantly I fell in love. I knew I’d come back for the cheese and the meat! And as they say, food is all about an experience. I absolutely had a fresh experience dining in Galileo Enoteca.

Where: 80 Calbayog St cor Malinao StHighway Hills, Mandaluyong
Price Range: P500 and above per person

Tri Mo Shawarma Co

Image courtesy of Tri Mo Shawarma Co Facebook page

I had been hearing raves and “try mo!” from friends who have easy access to this famed little shawarma place in Quezon City. So when Tony Stark (Ironman for all you non-fans, how dare you?) told the rest of the gang (Avengers, for the non-informed) that he wanted shawarma after fighting off the bad guys and saving the earth, I knew that I had to have one for myself. If it’s worth having after risking your life, then it’s worth having anytime! So when I finally got my hands on a roll of beefy goodness and fresh vegetables, I immediately understood why Tri-Mo Shawarma Ko still rocks and sells despite being almost inaccessible to most.

Where: Bristol St. – Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City
Price: P70 for the beef and cheese shawarma roll

Friuli Trattoria

Image courtesy of Friuli Trattoria Facebook page

I’ve always thought it was spelled “Freoli” because a lot of my friends would tell me that I should try Frioli on Katipunan. So when I finally gave in and went to the street of the Ateneans and UPians, I had an “Oh, ok” moment when I saw that it was spelled with a U. Nonetheless, I had high expectations that were met when I had a bite of their version of Magherita pizza and Purtanesca pasta. The best thing about this place is that it’s super affordable here!

Where: 79 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City
Price: P100 and up